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Attempted humorist, hobo historian, and complete idiot.

“Individualism, authenticity, and cynicism.”

A photo of Lars Frederiksen, guitarist for Rancid.

Punk, a consumerist oriented society would have one believe, is a recent invention. Or at least as recent as the late 1970’s. But this doesn’t appear to be true to me. Instead, it seems a recent articulation and manifestation of something which is ancient. So long as societies exist and so long as those societies attempt to suffocate the individual under a weight of collectivist bullshit, punk will never die.

God bless catastrophe.

Almost ten years ago now, I met the love of my life. She is patient, long-suffering, and resilient beyond belief, though she obviously…

He was married, had a job occasionally, and loved democracy

Colorized photo of Eric Blair, AKA George Orwell. Astonishingly, he isn’t smoking a cigarette. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

There are few English writers so capable of expressing and transmitting a complex political idea like George Orwell. Born too late for the first world war but with an understanding it changed everything about life in Britain and Europe at large, Orwell set about forcing politicos and journos to be more honest; at least intellectually. He operated from a deep sense of decency, which translates into American English as, “He tried to do what was right.”

What I have most wanted to do throughout the past ten years is to…

7/29/21 — Delta, Delta, Delta!

Sorry, folks. The park’s closed. The moose out front should have told you. Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

The Lamb Jam is a weekly newsletter covering the thoughts of an autodidact idiot on political and cultural news. This idiot tends to dislike whoever is in power. New issue is published every Thursday morning, so feel free to subscribe/follow or whatever or feel the flames of hell forever.

Greetings degenerates!

You don’t mind I refer to you as “degenerates” do you? I hope not. It’s too late to stop now and maybe, just maybe, if I keep on with it and practice hard, you all can someday be great degenerates. Like myself. …

7/22/21 — Free Speech Edition Bitches

Don’t speak unless the CDC and FDA verify your Doubleplus Good Truthiness in triplicate, comrade. Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Greetings degenerates!

There is a decidedly Orwellian shade to this week’s Lamb Jam. Not on my part, unless one refers to the positive, sexy side of Orwellianism, playing the part of Orwell. Mustache optional. Playing this part means pointing out when authorities, both high and low, aren’t shooting straight when it comes to information. The truth of the thing matters more than political expediency or comfort or whether you want to admit you left the toilet seat up or not.

From Cuban protests demanding freedom from totalitarian states being interpreted as “economic interests” to…

Twitter is launched and humanity learns the enemy is us

Dorsey figuring out how to destroy every vowel on the planet. PHOTO: CNBC

On this day in history, July 15th 2006, Twitter was officially launched, reducing discussions of complex problems and solutions to 140 characters or less. Since then, Twitter has expanded their character limit to 280, which one is expected to believe is more than enough space to discuss Epicurean philosophy and other complicated concepts in a meaningful way. From the very first tweet on Twitter — called Twttr at the time — it was obvious the company’s engineers were waging a war against vowels and language.

Jack Dorsey, at the time…

7/15/21 — Rich Dudes See Who Can Finish First

Congress Pretends They Want To Limit Presidential Power — Michael Avenatti Might Not Be Trustworthy After All — Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Sounds Like a Fun Time — The White House Assures Us They’re Not Corrupt — Branson and Bezos Race Each Other to See Who Finishes First

Hello degenerates!

Welcome as always to The Lamb Jam! The best ten minutes of the week, barring those ten minutes you spend hiding behind the dumpster at the 7–11 down the street while your kids scream about how hungry they are and when is…

Disco is publicly executed at a White Sox game

Phenomenally relevant photo shamelessly lifted from the Disco Turkeys, a baseball team in Winston-Salem. PHOTO: Mt. Airy News

On this day in history, July 12th 1979, Disco was executed at a baseball game.

A 1979 radio DJ had an idea to fill a dumpster with disco albums and then set it on fire during a baseball game. With typical American negligence regarding danger and safetyness, this plan was carried out. Steve Dahl, the DJ in question, had serious issues with Disco; the most biting of which was his being forced to play it during his show. …

Torturing political news into bite-sized sausages

COVID-19 Hindsight is Officially Available — Are You An Extremist? — The World of Satire Is Getting a Punch In the Mouth — Americans Love Cowards — Biden Finds Assassination of Haitian President Worrisome — Eric Adams Has a Ton of Drugs and Guns In His House

Welcome, degenerates!

It’s been another week of events and politics and lies out there in the world, so it shouldn’t be too terribly shocking when this newsletter arrives as well. …

Torturing political news into little weenies

Look at those little feet. LOOK AT THEM. PHOTO: R.B. Lamb

Iranian War Boats, Exciting and New — John McAfee Buys An Island In The Sky — Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldiers Needs Nukes — Fat White Guy Wants To Understand Your White Rage — Curing Cancer With the Mind-Body Problem

Welcome to July 2021!

Also, welcome to my tenth Lam Jamb newsletter. For those who have been here since the beginning, you’re wonderful and I hope you get to the bottom of your white rage, whatever that is exactly. For those grappling with black, or brown, or chartreuse rage, just feed it. That shit…

Twisting the week’s news into bite sized sausages

Biden Shows Putin His List of No-No Touches — Juneteenth Is A Stupid Name For a Worthwhile Holiday — All-White Clubs Are Apparently Legal in Rhode Island — The Cake Is A Lie, But Its There If You Want Some — Elites For The People, Or Some Such

Welcome to Summer, my degenerate yet friendly readers. Here in Seattle, it waffles between ninety-plus and sixty degrees, but we’re used to it. What we’re not used to is the lack of rioting going on around these parts lately. It is concerning.

Way back…

R.B. Lamb

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